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The North Central white rhino is a viral trending topic being discussed on social media, because it is now rumored to be extinct.

Norden white rhinoceros is one of the animal species that is threatened with extinction. Is this true? So far it is reported that there are still two species of Northern White Rhinoceros remaining in the world. The White Rhinoceros itself belongs to the species of Cerato Therium Simon which is one of the remaining mega fauna or large animals besides elephants, Indian rhinos and hippos. The White Rhinoceros itself has two subspecies, namely the Northern White Rhinoceros and the Southern white rhino. There are fewer Northern White Rhinos in existence compared to the current Southern white rhinos.

In 2018, there were only three Northern White Rhinos left in the world. They are Sudan, Najin and Fatu. Najin Dan Fatu is a female Northern White Rhinoceros, and Sudan is the only male alive in 2018. This male rhino died at the age of forty-five years. Until now there are only two Northern White Rhinos, namely Najin and Fatu.

To avoid extinction, several researchers have attempted the breeding process of this species. One of them is the in vitro or IVF technique using frozen male Northern White Rhinoceros sperm. But it still doesn't work.

Species extinction is at an alarming rate. According to WWF, every year about 10,000 species are lost forever from the face of the earth.

And here are some animals that have become extinct and we can no longer find them on earth.

This medium-sized red monkey

This medium-sized red monkey has only been considered extinct since the early 2000s. This animal is found on the border of Ghana and Ivory Coast. They are an extraordinary species because they have no thumbs. They have to change their way of survival because of deforestation by humans. As a result, red colorbus monkeys are weaker in the face of predators, and experience genetic weakness due to inbreeding.

The Yangtze river dolphin

The Yangtze river dolphin was declared extinct in 2006. Lippo dolphins, with a description of the liver, are pale water mammals and are not as elegant as marine dolphins. However, these dolphins have the ability to echolocation, which is to emit sound and sense the reflection of the sound from surrounding objects. So special, so that these dolphins can track the position of certain fish with this ability. This sensitivity becomes a disadvantage when rivers are filled with human-generated activities. With such a density of river traffic, this type of dolphin cannot survive.

The White-Tailed Eagle

The white-tailed eagle, also known as Elanus Leokurus, has not been seen in Great Britain since the early 20th century. This beautiful bird with a wingspan of more than two meters was ruthlessly hunted in England for many years. But when hunting was banned it was too late, they were already on the path of extinction. Fortunately this animal lives in Europe and is being bred again in the UK. But indeed not all species get a second chance like this.

Steller Sea Cow

The next animal, namely the Steller sea cow or hydro darmalis gigas, this marine animal is similar to the manatee or Dugong, the difference is that their body is much larger they live up to 9 m in length. Its special appearance and fat in the body make this animal a target for hunters. It is thought that they became extinct due to a combination of hunting and changes in their environment.

Still making efforts to save endangered animals such as the Northern White Rhinoceros, for that reason, keep nature conservation so that the world's animals are protected from extinction.


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