The Most Advanced Military Weapon Ever Made

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Hello... maybe not a few for viewers at home who like to consume information about the great defense equipment or the main tool of the weapon system. Because it is considered as a symbol of the strength of a country. Even though war is not as wild as it used to be, there are still many countries that strengthen and equip their defense equipment with the most advanced technology to date.

Uran-9 UPD

Uran-9 UPD Russia as one of the strongest countries in terms of defense now and this country has an unmanned tank called yuran in the use of this neuron network technology can be a leading military weapon, because it has one advantage that this tank can be controlled from a considerable distance up three kilometers.

Since its introduction in 2016, Uran-9 has continued to improve and is reportedly ready for use by the Russian state in the near future. In combat power this one defense system has amazing specifications, ranging from a variety of weapons such as anti-tank missiles, large 30 mm guns, 12 flamethrower rockets and machine guns. In addition, the toughness of this tank is also believed to be able to do battle in extreme areas such as in the desert and even in the forest.

Cluster munitions

Cluster munitions this one air attack weapon has effectiveness in a large-scale battle. Cluster munitions have indeed become one of the common choices in the world wars that have occurred. Of all the aerial bombardments that have occurred, many experts claim that the most dangerous Cluster munitions in the world is the CBU-58, a weapon containing 650 baseball-sized bombs.

Each one of the baseball-sized bombs can release 270 new shoot fragments and scatter up to a radius of 300 meters. In its development, the CBU-58 has a larger shape and weighs up to 450 kg. And if it explodes, it can release 432 anti-tank mines and 132 anti-personnel mines which will continue to be active for up to 40 days.

In its use, the 450 kg CBU-58 can bombard areas up to a one kilometer radius. Due to its high destructive power, air strikes like this have received an international ban because they are considered too dangerous.

AK-630 M-2 Duet

Finally there is the AK-630 M-2 Duet, one of the most dangerous weapons is also owned by Russia and has been developed from 1993. In use this weapon is an automatic missile shooter that is used for self-protection and is commonly used on warships in Indonesia. developed countries such as the Russian ship named Navy Green Russia. By using a sensor in the form of Radar, this AK-630 weapon will independently conduct continuous fire to destroy various threats automatically without the need for human operation.

In its specifications this weapon has six barrels containing 30 mm missiles with a rate of fire of 10,000 rounds per minute, and can cover a distance of up to 5 kilometers. With this defense system, it is only natural that the Russian navy is the most feared army in the world.

That's a row of the most sophisticated military weapons ever made by humans, which has been summarized in the top files.

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