History and Shocking Facts Hamas Organization

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The Hamas group actually cannot be separated from discussing the war conflict between Israel and Palestine. Most recently, the Hamas group and Israel agreed to a ceasefire on May 10, 2021. After fighting for eleven days and killing 240 people, this group celebrates victory with the residents of the West Bank and Gaza Strip.

But who is the real Hamas group? How to record the establishment of this group of fighters for Palestine? more in the following topfiles

The history of the formation of HAMAS

Hamas is an acronym for harakat al-muqowamah al-islamiyah, this group is an opposition party to the PLO or the Palestine Liberation Organization which takes a more secular approach to the Israeli side, while Hamas is a hard-line group that does not provide space for Israel on Palestinian land.

In 1970 a group of activists joined the Muslim Brotherhood, active in various types of charities. Several things have been done, such as building a donation movement, building clinics and schools in the West Bank and Gaza Strip. In that year this group was considered harmless, but due to friction from the Israeli side, it called for jihad against violence from the Israeli army.

According from Reuters, Hamas was officially formed in 1987 when the moment of the first intifada which was the Palestinian people's movement against Israel, in 1988 the conflict between Hamas and the PLO erupted when they clashed because of their ideology. handed over to Israel an inch. Seizing control of Palestine is the duty of Palestinian Muslims.

Major Palestinian figures, the founders of Hamas include Sheikh Ahmad Yasin, Abdulaziz Al Rosyid, Mahmud Sahar and Muhammad Taha in 2006 ago. Hamas managed to win the Palestinian legislative elections by beating the votes of Fatah, which is part of the PLO. This makes the sentiments of the state of Israel, Europe and the United States increasingly pointed towards Hamas.

Since Hamas took control of the legitimate Palestinian government, conflicts have emerged one by one in the midst of Palestinian society. From conflicts and clashes between supporters of Hamas and Fatah to the assassination of Fatah leader Muhammed Swergi by the Hamas group.

Another surprising fact is that the Hamas leader who was allegedly in Qatar Ismail Haniya, according to information, had left Gaza since December 2019. The decision was related to Hamas' internal arrangements and complications of travel to the Gaza Strip.

Those are some surprising facts and the history of the Hamas group.

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