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Throughout Islamic history there have been many names of Islamic warlords who were famous for their prowess on the battlefield, such as during the time of the Prophet sallallaahu Alaihi Wasallam.

After Rasulullah SAW left, Allah continued to give Muslims warlords in conquering and spreading Islam throughout the world. However, some of them were still very young when they succeeded in conquering the war.

The following is a review of Islamic warlords who conquered at a very young age.

The first name is Usama bin Zaid. 

Usama bin Zaid was a warlord, and he was also a friend of the prophet. At a very young age, namely 18 years old, at that young age, Usama bin Zaid had participated in various kinds of wars. Such as the Uhud War, the Khandaq War, the Hunain War, and the Muktah War. While participating in the muktah war, Usamah saw his father die in the war, but this did not make Usamah afraid. He continued to fight on the battlefield until the Muslims won the war when the Prophet declared war on the Roman troops. Rasulullah appointed Usama bin Zaid who was still very young to be Commander of the entire army to fight against the Roman troops.

Muhammad bin Al-Qasim

Muhammad bin Al-Qasim was born in 695 AD in Thoif, a few years after the death of the Prophet. He was the general of the Umayyad caliphate who conquered the shin and multan regions. At the age, at that time he was 17 years old, he was chosen by Hajjaj bin Yusuf to lead a large army to India. In his expansion to India he succeeded in conquering the Shin region and the southernmost region of the Multan.

Muhammad Al Fatih. 

Sultan Mahmud Dua, or later popularly known as Muhammad Al-Fatih, is one of the most prominent and youngest Islamic warlords. Muhammad got the nickname Muhammad Al-Fatih after successfully conquering Constantinople in 1453 AD. Mahmed was the seventh Ottoman entrepreneur from 1434 to 1446 AD. His remarkable achievement was when he conquered Constantinople because at that time he had succeeded in ending the Eastern Roman Empire by leading the troops to attack Constantinople. Al-Fatih at that time was only 22 years old. Even though he is still young, he has been gifted by Allah with greatness in fighting strategies, especially for those Commander-in-Chiefs who believe in Allah.

That is the Islamic warlord who carried out the conquest at a very young age

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