3 Types of Sharks That Have Strange Appearances

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1. Cutter sharks

Cutter sharks, or cookiecutter sharks, are one of the most ferocious predators under the sea. Despite having an average size of 20 inches or 50 cm, these sharks prey on almost all sea creatures, large and medium. such as whales, other big sharks, dolphins, seals, etc.

The way he does this is, by attaching himself to his prey. The upper row of teeth serves as the anchor, and the lower row of teeth as the meat of its prey.

In the end, this shark will get a lump of round meat, from its prey.

In addition to their parasitic feeding strategy, cutter sharks can also attract prey, with the light they emit.

2. Wobbegong 

Wobbegongs are a group of carpet sharks, consisting of 12 individual species. It is called a carpet shark, because this shark, has a colorful ornate pattern, on its back, which is similar to a carpet. This pattern is not intended, to help them stand out, or to fight off their prey, but to camouflage.

Wobbegong sharks, have feeding tactics, which are different from other sharks. They wait on the seabed, and catch approaching prey. Their camouflage ability is, of course, very helpful, in this regard.

The length of this shark is known to be up to 10 feet or 3 meters, although most species are less than half that size,

3. The Goblin Shark

Goblin sharks, clearly have a physique that looks more terrifying than other sharks. This shark is a resident in the deep sea, and even almost reaches the ocean floor. The most distinctive feature of the Goblin shark, is its snout, which is as long as a sword.

The size of the snout actually gets smaller with age. This deep sea predator, too, has an unusual pink body. However, by far, the strangest part of a Goblin shark is its jaw. Its jaws can be extended outward, to catch prey.

The average size of a goblin shark, is 3 to 4 meters. This shark still has many mysteries.

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