Fires at Pertamina Balongan Indonesia Refinery Allegedly Due to Lightning, Here's BMKG Analysis ...

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Fires at Pertamina Balongan Refinery Allegedly Due to Lightning

The tank at the oil refinery owned by PT Pertamina RU VI in Balongan, Indramayu, West Java, Indonesia, experienced a fire on Monday (29/3/2021) in the morning. As previously reported, Pertamina Subholding Refining and Petrochemical Corporate Secretary Ifky Sukarya said the fire was suspected to have been caused by lightning that occurred in the early hours of Monday.

The Head of the Center for Technical Seismology, Potential Geophysics and Time Signs, Rahmat Triyono explained, BMKG conducted an analysis of the lightning strike around the Indramayu oil refinery location at the estimated time of the fire incident. "Based on the monitoring lightining detector located at BMKG Jakarta and BMKG Bandung from 00.00 to 02.00 WIB, no lightning strike activity was detected in the Balongan Indramayu oil refinery area," said Rahmat in a press release received by, Tuesday ( 30/3/2021).

When reconfirmed, Rahmat emphasized that his party had not concluded the cause of the explosion and fire at the Pertamina Balongan oil refinery. However, BMKG only submitted data at the time of the incident, there were no lightning strikes around Balongan. "There is (a lightning strike), but far enough, that whether it can trigger an explosion, I do not conclude that because there must be more in-depth research," said Rahmat. BMKG monitors lightning strike activity throughout Indonesia using lightning detectors at 56 locations. Monitoring is carried out using a lightning detector with an effective BMKG monitoring tool resolution in a radius of 300 kilometers.

Fires at Pertamina Balongan Refinery Allegedly Due to Lightning

Monitoring lightning activity This monitoring tool, continued Rahmat, is installed at 11 BMKG stations and on Java Island to monitor lightning activity from Banten to East Java. "Based on the results of monitoring of air electrical equipment that on March 29, 2021 at 00.00-02.00 WIB, it shows that the lightning density has gathered in the western part of the Balongan oil refinery about 77 km away, which is around Subang with a classification of medium-high lightning density levels," said Rahmat . Furthermore, Rahmat explained, lightning is an electric flash in the air accompanied by a roar due to the meeting of clouds with positive and negative electric charges.

Lightning has 3 types, namely from cloud to cloud, inside the cloud, and from cloud to earth. The lightning that is most dangerous to life on earth is from the clouds to the earth. It was reported that an incident had occurred at the Pertamina Balongan refinery which caused a fire to the T-301G tank. Meanwhile, according to Pertamina, the incident occurred on Monday (29/3/2021) in the morning at around 00.45 WIB.

Residents witness a fire at the Pertamina RU VI Balongan complex, Indramayu, West Java, Monday (29/3/2021) in the morning. (ANTARA PHOTOS / DEDHEZ ANGGARA)

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