Must Know! 25+ Advantages of Telegram Compared to WhatsApp


Whatsapp is the most widely used messaging application at the moment. Whatsapp even has a very large number of users reaching more than 1.8 billion registered accounts, and has now spread to 180 countries.

Beside to Whatsapp, there are actually other messaging applications that are also worthy of consideration because they have many advantages over WhatsApp, the Telegram Application.

Telegram was created by Durov, this application has a difference with Whatsapp (no impersonation). Even some time ago through his telegram channel account Durov invited users to leave whatsapp sounding

"Just delete WhatsApp from your cellphone, unless you don't mind your photos and messages being published one day," Durov said on his Telegram channel, which was followed by 335,000 accounts.

This is not without reason, durov considers whatsapp fails to protect messages sent so that it is often used to infiltrate trojans and malicious programs.

Reporting from Forbes, the number of active monthly telegram users has only reached 200 million, that number is still far from whatsapp whose monthly active users reach 1.6 billion.

Durov is known to be quite often spit out whatsapp weaknesses such as bugs that are claimed to allow hackers to break into accounts via video file submissions, but also as a means of promoting telegrams.

The Advantages of Telegram Compared to Whatsapp You Must Know

1. The capacity of group members can reach 10,000 people

In one Whatsapp group the maximum number of members who can join the group is only 256 users, but in a standard telegram application it can accommodate 200+ members. Not only there, the telegram can still accommodate more members to reach 10,000 members, with the super group feature.

Even the latest update states that one telegram group can accommodate up to 200,000 members. This means that all citizens of Monaco can join one group if each of their citizens has an Telegram account.

2. Can choose to send the original file or compressed

If we send photos, videos in the whatsapp application, the quality will automatically decrease, but if you want to send photos / videos without reducing the quality, you must use the document feature or compress it first into a rar or zip file.

Whereas in the telegram application the user can choose when sending files, whether the user wants to send in the original version or the compressed version.

3. Can use multiple profile photos at once

In the whatsapp application, users can only use 1 profile photo, but different from the telegram that can upload multiple photos at once to be used as a profile photo.

Photos viewed by users are the most recent profile photo and we can also see other profile photos by sliding it.

4. Can enter a number of numbers at once

Unlike whatsapp, which can only use 1 number for each account, but it is different with telegram, can add and change several numbers at once

So telegram users do not need to worry about losing contact or chat chat.

5. Has a Cloud storage service

In this telegram application has its own storage area that is used to store some files or other files. So users need not worry if changing phones or logging out> log-in on several different devices will lose their data

Even so, the offered cloud storage is limited, only with a capacity of 1.5 GB.

6. Chat Bot Feature

The users have been provided with an interesting feature, namely chat bot, for telegram users can take advantage of this feature to get the latest news updates and notifications, translate languages ​​and get information about the weather.

7. Secret Chat Feature

This feature is arguably quite interesting, even whatsapp isn't available yet. This feature allows telegram users to create private conversation channels, which cannot even be accessed on other devices.

If the user goes in and out of the device, then the previous conversation automatically in Secret Chat will be deleted.

8. Animated stickers with quality graphics

The telegram application also provides a sticker feature when users chat so that their chat feels more alive with the presence of sticker images that can express their feelings.

The stickers provided by this telegram are different from whatsapp, the feature this time uses high quality graphics so it doesn't blur.

9. Don't need another application to download the sticker

Telegram also allows each user to make their own personal stickers and share them with other users. Moreover, to get the stickers is quite easy, and users do not need to bother using other applications, because it is integrated directly in this application to manage sticker storage

10. Edit messages that have been sent

If using WhatsApp, messages that have been sent cannot be edited unless deleted, and even then before the deadline reaches 1 hour after sending. Unlike the case with telegram, this application provides a message editing feature that has already been sent easily

11. Dark mode feature available

When users are in a room with minimal lighting, often the eyes feel tired when looking at a bright smartphone screen. But telegram users can feel calm, because the latest version has been equipped with a dark mode feature to change the background to black so users can chat on the telegram for longer

12. Accept friendships without phone numbers

If on WhatsApp, when you want to add a friend's contact, then you have to save the phone number first, but it's different with Telegram, no need to bother saving phone numbers. Because it is enough to click on these links and users can automatically send messages to each other without having to save them first

In WhatsApp actually can also send messages to other users without saving the number but complicated because they have to edit the permalink manually

13. Polling Feature

On Whatsapp there is no way to resolve the debates that occur within the group. But unlike the case with Telegram, there is a Polling feature that has the function to determine the most votes of group members to reach consensus or mutual agreement

14. Has a Username

Do you guys mind to spread cellphone numbers? for you telegram users you can share a telegram account without a phone number, simply by including your username. Even your username can be changed according to your wishes.

15. Has a smaller size

If you compare it with other chat applications, telegram has a smaller application size, even when compared to whatsapp the telegram will still come out as the winner.

Just imagine whatsapp application size can reach 24MB while the telegram application size is only 16MB. This can also be a solution for those of you who use mobile phones with low storage memory capacity

16. Telegram works faster

Error on whatsapp application is a common thing but not on telegram. The first impression you feel when operating a telegram is its speed in processing user instructions

Be it sending messages, seeing previous messages, accessing various menus, telegram will run the command faster than whatsapp. The secret, because telegram uses Cloud technology to run the application

17. Smaller storage space

In addition to the small size of the application, telegram also uses minimum storage memory thanks to the existence of cloud technology that supports cache, so that the data you receive in a conversation such as photo files, videos will not consume phone storage memory

You must be familiar with the Whatsapp folder, which is getting bigger and bigger, especially if you are joined by many active groups

18. Can be accessed easily in other devices

Telegram is an instant messaging application that can be used on various platforms such as Windows, Android, iOS to Linux. With the main cloud-based technology, the process of data access is easier than WhatsApp

For example, when you open whatsappweb on a desktop computer but that fails because the main cellphone is turned off, it does not apply to telegrams that can easily synchronize data from the cloud to other devices

19. Share information through channels

One of the features that WhatsApp doesn't have is a channel, through which the Instagram account user channel can share messages in the form of text, video, images to his followers easily and automatically

He cried, telegram does not limit the number of followers of the channel so that we can invite as many people as any to subscribe to the channel that we have

20. Better security technology

Many technology experts say that from a user's security and privacy system, telegrams are far better than whatsapp

This is because the use of encryption technology to better protect every message sent by users, as well as secret chat features that support user privacy when chatting

21. Add features with BOT

Ever heard of the app whatsapp mod? whatsapp application that has been modified with a series of other cool features such as autoreply, auto download profile photos and so on. Whatsapp prohibits the use of unofficial versions of their apps and blocks anyone users who are detected using the whatsapp mod application

Unlike the telegram that opens the opportunity for anyone to create additional features or better known as BOT.
Bot itself is an additional program created with the aim of enhancing functions so as to facilitate the activities of its users. For example auto translate bot, bot for playing games, bot for mining and so on

22. Feature of sending secret messages

Users can send messages to others in secret and then determine when the message will automatically be deleted. The name of this feature is the self destruct timer

Whatsapp doesn't have it yet ...

23. Send files up to 1.5GB

For whatsapp users, they get a limit of 100MB of image or video files, with the help of whatsapp mod, I don't think it can be more than 200MB. But on telegram you can send files up to 1.5GB in size because this service uses cloud-based storage

24. Telegram is free forever

We often read news about whatsapp plans to be made paid or advertise therein. But you don't need to worry because the telegram guarantees its service free and can be enjoyed forever

Developers will not insert ads and do not apply special subscription fees

25. Supports gestures

The telegram supports gesture or shortcut features to do things quickly. For example in a conversation just swipe the screen to the right will automatically return to the conversation list, when swiped left automatically replies to a quote

26. Easy media display

In whatsapp you might see a lot of media files in the form of images, photos, videos scattered or stored on each tab
While in telegram media sorting is available so that the display is more tidy. That includes the latest file filters, sent files, the largest file size and delivery time

This will make it easier for you to determine the amount of data bills you spend sending the file

27. Delete messages that are very old

In WhatsApp we can only delete messages that have been sent a maximum of 2 hours while on a telegram, users can delete messages that have been sent a long time ago

However, this feature only applies to messages sent personally or one by one, does not apply to messages sent to groups.

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