Great victory for Sanders in Nevada: Does the Democratic primary race is over?

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So far so successful for Bernie Sanders such was his confidence of winning in Nevada he'd already moved on to another battleground Texas one of the key Super Tuesday states in Nevada we have just put together a multi-generational multiracial coalition which is gonna not only win in Nevada it's gonna sweep this country

Nevada is the most diverse state to have it say in the contest so far polling suggested Sanders had done well with Hispanic voters his plans for universal health care also resonated with many, he's now the clear front-runner but behind him the race is tightening it was a better night for this man Joe Biden after disasters in Iowa and New Hampshire.

You know the press is ready to declare people dead and quickly stale moderate Democrats like Biden and Pete butcher concerns they worried Sanders ideology plays into the hands of President Donald Trump before we rush to nominate senator Sanders in our one shot to take on this president let us take a sober look at what is at stake for our party for our values and for those with the most to lose.

Senator Sanders believes in an inflexible ideological revolution that leaves out most Democrats not to mention most Americans as if to prove the point. Trump tweeted his congratulations to quote crazy Bernie adding don't let them take it away from you at this stage the Democratic contest appears very much. Sanders to lose and joining me in the studio is Davies William blue Kraft William talked us through the significance of what happened in Nevada. It is significant to be first put out there that only 50% of the precincts have been counted but that's enough to call this election for Bernie Sanders he's got nearly 47 percent of the vote he has more in the popular vote that twice as many popular votes as the next candidate.

Joe Biden he has almost as many popular votes as Biden budda judge and Klobuchar combined the three major moderate candidates so when it came to Iowa and New Hampshire for example there was a counter argument saying well if you add up all of the votes for the more moderate wing they actually beating Bernie Sanders you can't really make that argument anymore when it comes to Nevada.

Bernie Sanders has swept across age demographic income level exit polls are showing that Democrats in that stay believe that Bernie Sanders is the best candidate, best Democratic candidate to
beat Donald Trump which has long been what people like Buddha judge invited him is saying I am the one for to beat Donald Trump because I'm a unifier.

Bernie Sanders is too radical to the left clearly Democratic voters are rejecting that narrative and therefore are we seeing the end of Biden and Villages campaign or the beginning of the end we're not seeing the end of anybody right now this seems to be a primary unlike many in the past which Iowa New Hampshire tend to shore up the top one or two who then tend to kabhi you look in 2016 Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders really were the top candidates for most of the primary season and this time around we're seeing a lot of these candidates sticking, sticking to their guns and staying in this race if you're looking at Biden in particular.

Biden is putting a lot of his hopes on South Carolina next week South Carolina with a large black population and polls at least suggest that black voters are enthusiastic about Joe Biden and of course coming up to Super Tuesday we have Michael Bloomberg strategy of pouring hundreds of millions of dollars into 14 Super Tuesday States thinking he can kind of come in as the dark horse at the end and sweep away, sweep away victory so no one's pulling out yet at least at this point we're going to see
where South Carolina Super Tuesday take us have to see.

I mean without personal opinion obviously but what are your predictions, I mean we can look at the polls I mean when the whole point of this primary process of having a staggered process that it gives momentum to winning candidates and that is Bernie Sanders right now and you do see support moving in his direction in across states because Democrats in many states are saying we want a candidate that can beat Donald Trump and if he can convince people convince Democrats that I'm the guy to do it that might see people put aside their personal preferences for other candidates just to see Donald Trump defeated, but it's gonna be very very interesting if Michael Bloomberg strategy of focusing on Super Tuesday can work and if Joe Biden could pick up any momentum for South Carolina, if he does well. But some of the support is starting to break away and there is a movement coalesce and coalescing around Bernie Sanders much like we saw in 2016, so we're really gonna have to see where this goes leading into the summer National Convention.

Yeah well all eyes will be watching next week for those primaries William Goff.
Thanks very much the update absolutely

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